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Marathon Training With the Proform Treadmill

Are you a runner preparing for next year’s marathon and can’t get outside due to weather conditions or other factors? Have you gone to the gym where you paid big bucks for a membership only to find all of the equipment in use by others? A Proform treadmill may be your answer.

In the convenience of your home or office, your treadmill is ready to use when you want it. In addition, with all the colds and flu around, your Proform treadmill is exclusively yours — thus sanitary — avoiding the problem of illness. In addition, Proform has a wide range of treadmills available to suit everyone’s needs and demands. The convenience of having a Proform treadmill at home can be a motivator on its own. No interruptions by waiting for a machine, no drive times to and from, unfavorable weather conditions are eliminated, sanitary, can be used at any time that is convenient for you and can be purchased on-line with a credit card and the company will pay for the shipping. There are no excuses anymore!

Proform has models starting at $599 that are surprising high tech! And currently some really great deals on all models in each series! For example, (posted in Buying Guides on 1-8-2010) here is the value that comes with the Crosswalk Series Model 570, priced at $599.

It has a Mach Z TM2.8 HP Drive Motor, ProSoft PlusTM Cushioning, 20″ x 55″ Quiet Tread belt, Dual -Grip EKGTM Heart Rate Monitor, 0-10MPH QuickSpeedTM Control, ClearViewTM Backlight Display, CoolAireTM Workout Fan, Capacity 300-lbs, and 15 workout programs. Three are inactive, and twelve built in!

In addition to the Crosswalk Series, Proform provides the Power Series, ProShox Series and the Tech Series all with additional features and benefits worth investigating! All Proform lines are high-quality at surprising low prices. For runners Proform, recommends a minimum of 2.5 CHP (stands for Continuous Horse Power), a treadmill with at least a 55 x 20 inch deck (in case you are tall and need longer, natural strides), 10 MPH (mils per hour), and look for cushioning that meets your needs. Proform provides four different cushioning methods.

Why Proform? Proform has been around a long, long time, and a leader in exercise equipment. You know you can safely buy their treadmills because they wouldn’t have been around so long if they weren’t making them right.